Changing times come with changing tastes and we have seen trends change in travel over the years. They key word for 2023 is: Different. The more hotels stand out, the better they will fare this year.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the key trends of 2023:

Sustainable Travel

2023 is about sustainable travel, and travelers are on the lookout for hotels that are sensitive to the environment. Every hotel includes environment friendly options – opt-ins for using the same towel, offering biodegradable toiletries and more. But some hotels go the extra mile by using recycled items and solar orother sustainable practices. It all depends on how far you want to go for the environment!

Experiential Travel

It’s not only about simply seeing a place anymore, it’s about creating memories. Experiential travel is the way forward. Hoteliers need to figure out innovative ways to integrate the community with the hotel. For example, if the hotel is in the countryside, local tours of the surrounding villages could be arranged for guests. Such tours will create long-lasting memories for travelers.

Goal-based trips

Along with sustainable traveling, this generation of travelers are also on the lookout for goal-oriented trips. For example, there might a famous marathon in your country with travelers coming from all over the world to participate. As such, it would make sense to have event-based travel offers for potential guests.

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