AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the way of the future. With AI, companies can now gage their target audience behaviour, preempt their needs and market their services in the most bespoke manner possible. AI empowers marketers by taking data and translating it into actionable insights.

Here are three ways in which Artificial Intelligence will transform hotel market:

Data-Driven personalised marketing

With data acquired, hoteliers can now create hyper-personalised customer segments, completely understanding their needs, habits, preferences and more. Through this methodology, hoteliers can figure out unexplored avenues for revenue generation or think of ways to promote brand loyalty. This data is also incredibly useful for upselling strategies. Instead of sending out random mailers and ads, AI allows hoteliers to target a specific niche of your audience who will opt for an upgrade.

Evolving Algorithm

Through artificial intelligence, hoteliers can easily extract a person’s behavioural patterns even if all the data isn’t available. A traveller goes through several checkpoints and decisions such as the reason for travelling, motivation behind booking a hotel, activity preferences, food habits and so many more. Without AI algorithms it would be difficult to compute all these data-points concisely.

Customized guest experience

Instead of sending generalised emails such as “Thank you for staying with us,” through AI you can create completely customised messages. For example, if the guest prefers a room with a pool-side view, the next time he comes to the hotel or any other hotel in the chain, through AI, hoteliers can directly book him in the room of his choice. The welcome mail could be “Thank you for booking with us again. We have reserved a room for you that faces the pool, as per your preference.” Nuances such as these will work wonders for customer loyalty.

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